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The Problem

Our Representatives Can't Get Clear Direction

We have no way of knowing whether the people of Kentucky's Sixth District, which is made up of 57% registered Democrats but elected a Republican representative, want Andy Barr to vote 100% in lockstep with the national Republican party.

KY06 may want to vote against the new American Health Care Act, believing it will severely impact the people of the district. But if the district can't send a clear message, then it's possible for others ( e.g. lobbyists) to exert pressure on the vote.

Without clear direction, we get a Congress that votes along party lines on bills written by lobbyists while their constituents feel that no one is listening.

The Solution

Provide Clarity and Accountability

BetterDistricts provides a way to show how each individual district would like to be represented.

Register in seconds and easily vote on any and every bill and proposal.

BetterDistricts scores representatives based on how well they represent their district.

Create a proposal if you have an idea on how to improve your community.

Honest Debates

If we can have honest discussions on whether people support issues, we could move forward without partisan games.

Accountability. Show exactly how much your district supports a bill or proposal.

Get Involved. Propose your ideas for how to improve your district, state, or country. Find out if the rest of the community supports it as well.

Get Informed. Take part in quality discussions and determine who will best represent your beliefs.


Top Ranked Representatives

Name State District Party Score
Susan A. Davis CA CA53 Democrat 100
Kirsten E. Gillibrand NY Senator Democrat 100
Jerrold Nadler NY NY10 Democrat 100
Dianne Feinstein CA Senator Democrat 90
Kamala D. Harris CA Senator Democrat 90
Anna G. Eshoo CA CA18 Democrat 85.2
Brenda L. Lawrence MI MI14 Democrat 83.3
Gary C. Peters MI Senator Democrat 80
Debbie Stabenow MI Senator Democrat 80
Charles E. Schumer NY Senator Democrat 25